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Pretty much everyone remembers where they were during the first season of Orange is the New Black. And by that we mean in bed, marathoning our little hearts out. The show has completely changed the game in terms of Netflix dramadeys. This amazing show isn’t the first time that Laura Prepon has charmed the pants off of us – we first fell in love with this badass chick in That 70’s Show, in which she was equally compelling and hilarious. She’s also incredibly thoughtful in terms of wellness, and her new book, The Stash Plan, is a must-read for anyone looking to reset health-wise. She chatted with us about learning to cook, the importance of bone broth, and her love for apple crumble…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I eat three times a day. I don’t snack. My diet usually looks something like this (everything is always organic): For breakfast, gluten-free oats, a green apple, walnuts, and brown rice, with syrup drizzled on top. For lunch, half a cup of brown rice, a cup of bone broth, salad with avocado, and roasted vegetables. For dinner, half a cup of brown rice, salmon, roasted veggies, salad, and one cup of bone broth.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 

I do The Stash Plan. That’s literally what I do. I eat healthy pre-prepped meals so I don’t have days where I’m so tired from work that I order takeout I shouldn’t eat. As for working out, I don’t kill myself in the gym anymore. I stretch (the kind of Stash Plan stretching, which is different from normal stretching), I swim, take dance lessons and use my rebounder. Not killing myself at the gym changed a lot of things for me. I believe the opposite of “No pain, no gain”. My body was able to de-stress and let go of weight and inflammation.

What was the motivation and inspiration behind The Stash Plan?

The motivation behind The Stash Plan was that I had suffered with my body for years and finally found the right answers. I always struggled with my weight, did crash diets, worked out more than anybody I knew and was still inflamed, felt sick, had no energy and had a hard time dropping pounds. When I finally started to heal with my integratative health coach Elizabeth Troy, I knew we needed to share this with the world. So many people are suffering and they don’t have to be.

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