Please share your unique tips & tricks that put you ahead in your daily life from home! Anything that helps make being confined at home easier, more productive, and less stressful, I’d love to hear it.

This could be as simple as sharing an innovative way to organize dresser drawers, or as complex as growing your food with hydroponics at home. Maybe you have a great way to rapidly sort socks, dehydrate your own meat, or have a recipe for a skincare regime using household products.

This could also be a simple but super-efficient way to prep food for your family, or a way to make things last longer for fewer trips to the store. I even had someone reach out who was raising a school of tilapia in his swimming pool  so his family wouldn’t have to shop for fish!

Whether your tip or trick is funny, weird, seemingly small, serious, or all of the above, I want to see it!

To fill me in on what yours is, complete the form on this page! Then, if I think my online community could benefit from hearing it, too, I’ll reach out to you personally! (Nothing will be shared without your consent.)


Please make a 30sec-2min video of yourself explaining and/or showing us your tip or trick! This does NOT need to be fancy and can be filmed on your phone in selfie mode if you don't have someone to film you.

Paste the link to your video below: (You can generate a link by uploading the video to,, and setting it as unlisted, or and setting it as downloadable. Please do not post this publicly on YouTube or Instagram to keep your ideas between us!)

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